Meredith ´t Hoen

Dr. Meredith ´t Hoen

Meredith ’t Hoen graduated from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. She then completed a Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care internship at Washington State University, followed by an Emergency and Critical Care residency at the University of Missouri. After becoming a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care in 2011, Meredith ran the ECC service at a private specialty practice in the USA until 2017.  She is currently a lecturer in Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care, at Utrecht University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Meredith divides her clinical time between the Emergency Department and the ICU.  Her nonclinical duties emphasize teaching, and include developing e-learning modules for veterinary students and overseeing staff education and training.

Wetlab Chirurgie Spoed

Treating critically ill cats can present unique clinical challenges.  The cats are often very fragile, and we have to balance the benefit versus potential risk of any procedure we wish to perform.   It is important to know when and how to perform various potentially lifesaving procedures to maximize the clinical benefit.  Thoracocentesis, thoracic drain placement, venous cutdowns, and feeding tube placement (both esophagostomy, as well as nasogastric) are all important procedures that are performed in sick cats. These procedures are performed on a regular basis in emergency departments and ICUs, but can be performed in private practice as well. This lab will cover all of these procedures, and will consist of a short lecture followed by a wetlab. The lecture portion will serve to discuss indications for the various procedures, as well as provide instruction on how the procedure is performed. The lab section will offer an opportunity to perform the procedures in small groups on cadavers. Meredith and an assistant will be present during the lab to provide specialist tips and guidance, making sure that you leave feeling confident enough to perform these procedures in your patients.