Dr. Mauricio Tobón Restrepo

Mauricio went to the veterinary school in Medellín, Colombia. During his studies, he worked as an assistant of the veterinary anatomy department. Mauricio completed his veterinary studies and graduated in 2006. afterward, he combined clinical work in several small animal clinics and teaching anatomy at his former veterinary school. In 2009, he became a full-time anatomy teacher. In 2011, Mauricio traveled to Barcelona, Spain to complete a Ph.D. in animal medicine and health with a research line in imaging diagnosis. In 2015, Mauricio obtained the position of resident of the ECVDI at the division of diagnostic imaging at Utrecht University. In January 2020, he passed the board examinations and became an ECVDI diplomate. He continues working as a radiologist at Utrecht University.

2 October he will discuss several emergency cases in which x-rays can be very helpful in an interactive manner with you. To warm you up, he will first discuss the basics before going deeper into the cases. Note: the drylab will be given in English.